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Colored Pencil Painting Bible by Alyona Nickelsen – Paperback: 192 pages; Watson-Guptill (Mar 17, 2009) Best Seller

Dazzling colors, incredible realism—with simple you-can-do-it processes!

Capturing Soft Realism in Colored Pencil by Ann Kullberg – Hardcover: 128 pages; North Light Books, 1st edition (Aug 2002)

Kullberg teaches artists how to faithfully capture the essence of any subject without wasting time on excessive detail work. Step by step she presents 35 popular subjects and describes techniques for adding rich texture, depth and form in the most simple and straightforward way possible. Insights on getting a realistic effect include: • Mapping out a complex subject to make it easier to paint • Changing pencil strokes to create different textures • Mixing hues for greater visual interest • Creating softer, more natural edges by varying the pressure of the pencil It's all the instruction a colored pencil artist needs to effortlessly add gorgeous details to every piece they create.

Colored Pencil for the Serious Beginner by Bet Borgeson – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill (Oct 1998)

The author shows how to create form, volume, and space and avoid overworking a picture. She also shares special techniques for both popular and nontraditional subjects and discusses how to become a professional artist. 200 color illustrations.

Colored Pencil Solution Book by Janie Gildow, Barbara Benedetti Newton – Paperback: 128 pages; North Light Books; new edition (May 29, 2006)

Few mediums can rival the range of effects achieved with colored pencils. This guide offers sound instruction from two highly respected artists. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience they provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Chapters feature an easy-to-refence format covering crucial topics including setup, application, technique, color theory, texture and light.

The Complete Guide to Coloured Pencil Techniques by Beverley Johnston – Paperback: 128 pages; David & Charles Publishers; 2nd edition (Oct 2003)

Explore the full potential of this fascinating and versatile medium and learn how, using simple techniques, you can create works of tremendous subtlety and delicacy.
A comprehensive techniques section introduces readers to the materials needed, and demonstrates in easy-to-follow step-by-step sequences essential coloured pencil techniques such as blending and shading. Readers are encouraged to look closely at their subjects—simple exercises demonstrate how to search for hidden tones and colours that might otherwise be missed.

The author then provides 15 step-by-step projects for readers to follow. Starting with close-up drawings of subjects such as cat's eyes and pebbles, the projects work through to more complex illustrations such as a still life with fruit and a tulip in a glass vase.

In this way readers can build up skills gradually, using simple techniques learnt in earlier projects to complete the later ones. Each project is accompanied by a reference photo, a black-and-white outline sketch and a colour key, plus a 'Now Try This' box to suggest further creative explorations.

Colored Pencil Explorations by Janie Gildow – Hardcover: 144 pages; North Light Books; 1st edition (Dec 1, 2002)

This dynamic book reveals the limitless creative possibilities of colored pencils when blended with mixed media. It features the work of today's most innovative colored pencil artists, highlighting a range of new and exciting effects in step-by-step detail.
Designed to be instantly gratifying and wholly achievable, these techniques incorporate pastel, solvents, airbrush, watercolor, acrylic, ink and more. Each chapter clearly demonstrates how readers can re-create techniques in their own work.

They'll find plenty of information on tools, materials and each medium's basic characteristics. A final section includes line drawings of the demonstrations so that readers can concentrate on their new skills without worrying about getting the drawing right.

The Best of Colored Pencil by The Colored Pencil Society of America (Editor) – Paperback: 144 pages; Rockport Publishers; 4th edition (Mar 2000)

The Best of Colored Pencil 1 (Best of Colored Pencil Series, Vol 1) by The Colored Pencil Society of America – Hardcover: 160 pages; Rockport Pub (Sep 1997)

The Best of Colored Pencil 3 by The Colored Pencil Society of America – Hardcover: Rockport Publishing, 1996. Ann Kullberg is featured.

The Best of Colored Pencil 4 by Vera Curnow – Hardcover: 144 pages; Rockport Pub (Sep 1997)

After 22 years in the corporate world of marketing, Vera Cunow turned to pursue her career in art. Her devotion to colored pencil art and artists inspired her to establish The Colored Pencil Society of America. Curnow is the author of several Rockport titles including, "Creative Colored Pencil: The Step-By-Step Guide and Showcase", "Creative Colored Pencil Portraits", and "Creative Colored Pencil Landscapes". She has also been published in "The Complete Book of Colored Pencil", "The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Technologies", and "The Artist's Magazine". Her work has been featured in solo exhibitions and national juried competitions. Most notably, she received the top award for graphics from New York's prestigious Salmagundi Club. Curnow serves as a juror for art exhibitions, conducts workshops for trade shows, universities, and art supply stores, and is co-owner of the Creative Colored Pencil Workshop Company.

Best of Colored Pencil 5 by Vera Curnow (Editor) – Hardcover: 144 pages; Rockport Publishin (Oct 1999)

The Complete Colored Pencil Book by Bernard Poulin – Hardcover: 136 pages; North Light Books; 1st edition (May 1, 1992)

Booknews Review: Sound and thorough advice on the versatile medium of colored pencils, from the basics to advanced techniques. Discussion includes: materials and work space, the preliminary sketch, color and its impact, creating textured surfaces, portraits and figures, and landscapes. Abundantly illustrated with work by the author and others. Lacks a bibliography. —Annotation © Book News, Inc.

The Encyclopedia of Colored Pencil Techniques by Judy Martin – Paperback: 176 pages; Running Press (Apr 1997)

An artist can create an astonishing range of hues, tints, and textures using colored pencils. This volume of Running Press's Encyclopedia of Art Technique Series demonstrates how to fully explore the potential of this remarkable medium. Covers the characteristics of various kinds of pencils and assorted techniques. Over 200 full-color photos.

Colored Pencil Secrets for Success: How to Critique and Improve Your Paintings by Ann Kullberg – Hardcover-spiral: 128 pages; North Light Books; Spiral edition (May 14, 2009)

Even with a keen eye, it can be difficult to troubleshoot and fix your own artwork. That's where this guide comes in. Featuring a range of styles and subjects, Colored Pencil Secrets for Success is like a personal critique session, featuring proven tips, tricks and fixes that will transform your work from good to great.

Painting Light With Colored Pencil by Cecile Baird – Hardcover: 128 pages; North Light Books (Apr 28, 2005)

Capturing the elusive qualities of light is one of the most sought-after goals of artists in every medium, and Painting Light with Colored Pencil helps readers achieve that goal with:
• An overview of the basics of any work of art, such as
   composition, gathering reference material, value and color
• Over 20 step-by-step lessons covering a variety of popular \
   subjects, including fruit, flowers, textures and water
• Two extended demonstrations that show readers how to
   combine the individual lessons to create a refined, detailed

Through the techniques explained in this book, readers will learn how to unlock the potential of colored pencils to create realistic, light-filled paintings that glow.

Exploring Colored Pencil by Sandra McFall Angelo – Hardcover: 144 pages; Davis Publications (May 2000)

Reader review: I received the book today and I love it. It covers all types of styles & techniques for the various colored pencils varieties. It is a wonderful reference book for both a professional and an amateur artist. This is a must for anyone interested in the colored pencil as an artistic tool.

Colored Pencils for All: A Comprehensive Guide to Drawing in Colour by Michael Warr – Paperback: 128 pages; Sterling Publications (Aug 1998)

Reader review: This book, which I bought in hard back, is somewhere to begin drawing with color, and allows you to grow without outgrowing the book.

Creating Textures in Colored Pencil by Gary Greene – Hardcover: 120 pages; North Light Books; 1st edition (Feb 1, 1996)

Creating Radiant Flowers in Colored Pencil by Gary Greene – Hardcover:128 pages; North Light Books;1st edition (Jun 1997)

Flowers are a perennial favorite subject because of their exciting variety and complexity of color, texture and detail. Using basic colored pencil techniques, artists can capture the rich textures and distinct personalities of elegant orchids, graceful roses, cheery pansies and dozens of other beautiful blooms.

Gary Greene, along with six other respected colored pencil artists, show how to make the most of colored pencil's distinctive translucent properties. In 64 glowing, step-by-step demonstrations they show how to layer, burnish and underpaint colors to create floral portraits that are truly radiant. Features advice on choosing tools and materials plus the Plethora of Flora—a colorful gallery of finished blooms.

Creative Colored Pencil: The Step-By-Step Guide & Showcase by Vera Curnow – Hardcover: 160 pages; Rockport Publishers, 1995. Ann Kullberg is featured.

Reader review: The book collects a very good portfolio of composition by colour pencil techniques. I chanced upon his book while looking for references for pastel painting. Both techniques can share some of their common painting techniques since they are direct and do not need time for the composition to dry.

The meticulous detailing in colour pencil techniques is very well discussed in the book with steps by step examples given to illustrate the built-up of the composition. This helps the beginners with techniques and help build up their competency and confidence through its detailed breakdown of sequences and techniques. It's alomost like having a tutor who is not physically present but the teachings effectively conveyed.

I greatly recommend the book to all beginners and intermediate painters who are keen to develop further into the techniques of colour pencils.

The Colored Pencil by Bet Borgeson, Edwin Borgeson (Photographer) – Hardcover: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill; 1st edition (Jan 1, 1983)

Now in Paperback, -the perennial bestseller that is the acknowledged "bible" of the medium. Borgesen provides the latest, most authoritative information on materials, offers clearcut lessons on color mixing and specific techniques, and demonstrates various methods for creating works. Her beautifully rendered artwork complements the text. 150 color illustrations.

Basic Colored Pencil Techniques by Bet Borgeson – Paperback: 128 page; North Light Books (Mar 1997)

Borgeson, author of several books on the subject, is recognized as having helped renew interest in colored pencil as a fine medium. This volume is a revision of her earlier Colored Pencil Fast Techniques (Watston-Guptill, 1988). It fits well in the "Basic Techniques" series, with individual sections on tools, drawing surfaces, etc., giving way to discussions of sophisticated techniques of layering, burnishing, and lifting color. An excellent chapter of studio tips is added. Warr's work strives to be comprehensive but fails for lack of space, and its scattershot style will confuse the beginner for whom it was written. For the novice, Jenny Rodwell's Coloured Pencil Drawing (Studio Vista, 1994) is much more useful. Borgeson's book is recommended for the serious student and will do well in collections that don't already contain her earlier works. —Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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