Consumer: Buying, Selling & Caring for Art
The Art Hunters Handbook by Les and Sue Fox, Jim Ticchio (Illustrator) – Paperback: 128 pages; West Highland Fine Art & Publishing; 1st edition (May 15, 2012)

Trade Secrets to hunting down valuable paintings at garage sales and flea markets. The cover photo is the true story of Ripening Pears, a 19th century masterpiece by Joseph Decker bought at a garage sale for $5 and sold to the National Gallery of Art for $1,000,000!

The Art of Flipping Art by Rick Cheadle – Paperback: 55 pages; CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1st edition (Sep 24, 2015)

How to Collect Great Art on a Shoestring by David L. Gersh – Paperback: 146 pages; Open Books (Mar 29, 2019) Best Seller

How to Collect Great Art on a Shoestring explores the unique opportunity to acquire one-of-a-kind works for $2000 or $3000 by hundreds of mostly forgotten yet startlingly good artists who are in the permanent collection of MoMA, the Guggenheim, the Whitney, the Met, among many other museums.

Caring for Your Art: A Guide for Artists, Collectors, Galleries, and Art Institutions by Jill Snyder, Joseph Montague – 208 pages; Allworth Press; 3rd edition (Nov 27, 2001) Best Seller

Step by step, readers will learn how to store and handle art properly, photograph art, insure and secure art, set up proper environmental controls, mat and frame safely, and utilize manual and computer systems for record keeping. This third edition also features all-new information on technological advances, materials, methods, and art forms, plus interviews with leading experts.

Collecting American Paintings: Identification & Value by A. Everette James, Jr. – Hardcover: 317 pages; Collector Books (Nov 30, 2005)

In this comprehensive book with more than 300 photographs and more than 450 illustrations, he outlines the necessary steps in selecting a painting, authenticating a painting, determining a value, acquiring a painting at auction, and evaluating the condition of a piece. Both major and minor artists are briefly discussed, and overviews of Impressionism, Tonalism, The Aschan School, African-American artists, and Southern Women artists are presented. There are even tips on managing your art collection, the realities of funding and financing, and collecting what you can afford. The beauty of American art is evident in this collector's guide - a must-have for collectors of American paintings and collectors of art in general

At Home With Art: How Art-Lovers Live With and Care for Their Treasures by Estelle Ellis, Caroline Seebohm, Christopher Simon Sykes – Hardcover: 256 pages; Clarkson Potter; 1st edition (Nov 2, 1999)

At Home with Art is about art lovers, their passion for art, and their seemingly unquenchable desire to bring home the works that have captured their hearts. Whether the artworks are Picassos or posters, these people want to acquire and live with the art they love. "I wake up in the morning and exercise where I can look at it," says John Robson about one of the paintings in his San Francisco townhouse. How these art lovers integrate their finds into their living spaces, juxtaposing their paintings and sculpture with the artifacts of everyday life – furniture, rugs, books, lamps, objets d'art – is vividly illustrated here in more than fifty homes inhabited by people for whom living with art is as essential as breathing.

Caring for Your Art by Jill Snyder, Joseph Montague (Illustrator), Maria Reidelbach – Paperback: 192 pages; Allworth Press; Revised edition (Jan 4, 1996)

Caring for Your Art describes the best methods to store, handle, mount and frame, display, document and inventory, photograph, pack, transport, insure, and secure art. Coverage is also given to proper environmental controls to protect art works. The non-technical approach makes the book ideal for artists, collectors, galleries, and small non-profit institutions. The revised edition includes a chapter on new computer applications in these areas.

Art Collecting Today: Market Insights for Everyone Passionate about Art by Doug Woodham – Paperback: 208 pages; Allworth Press; Reprint edition (Apr 3, 2018) Best Seller

Grounded in real-life stories, Art Collecting Today is the essential practical guide to today's art market. A lightly regulated industry with more than sixty billion dollars of annual sales, the art market is often opaque and confusing to even the most experienced collectors. But whether a seasoned collector, an uninitiated newcomer, or an art-world insider, readers will learn within these pages how the art marketplace works in practice and how to navigate it smartly. Those who may have been put off by art-world practices will finally feel they have the knowledge needed to participate freely and fully, and collectors will be able to pursue their passion with more confidence.

The Value of Art by Michael Findlay – Hardcover: 176 pages; Prestel (2012) Best Seller

What is art worth? How can a work by Pablo Picasso be sold for more than $100,000,000? This fascinating book explains the market for art – and art's value for all of us.

The Intrepid Art Collector by Lisa Hunter – Paperback: 368 pages; Three Rivers Press (Oct 24, 2006) Best Seller

Lisa Hunter shows you how to start a fine art collection without spending a fortune. This accessible, jargon-free resource contains up-to-date information on the most popular original art—everything from photography and posters to African art and animation—including where to find it and how to buy it at a fair price. Easy-to-use checklists help you evaluate original art and steer clear of clever fakes. In addition, Hunter has interviewed top dealers, curators, arts lawyers, and appraisers to bring you the best advice on:

Art Information and the Internet: How to Find It, How to Use It by Lois Swan Jones – Paperback: 232 pages; Oryx Press (Oct 1998)

Shows Internet users how to locate online art information and images and how to supplement these data with material in other formats to produce the best research results.

The Care of Bronze Sculpture: Recommended Maintenance Programs for the Collector by Patrick V. Kipper – Paperback: 64 pages; Rodgers & Nelsen Publishing Co. (Jun 1996)

Scala Vision Guide to Art on the Internet by Douglas Davis – Paperback: 144 pages; iBooks, (Jun 2002)

The Scalavision Guide To Art On The Internet combats information overload by listing only the best, most useful, most consistently accurate sources of information on hundreds of art subjects. These sites have been selected after an exhaustive surfing process to weed out incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date sources. Whether it's Monet or cave paintings, the Uffizi Gallery or the Museum of Modern Art, this book takes you right to the best sites, complete with a wealth of screenshots to help you decide at a glance if this is the site you need. Best of all, it's linked to the new Scalavision web site for information and access to new sites as they are established.

Caring for Your Collections by Arthur W. Schultz (Editor), Huntington T. Block, Robert McCormick Adams (Illustrator) – Hardcover: 216 pages; Harry N. Abrams; 1st edition (Apr 30, 1992)

Although a vast amount of our country's art and antiques is still in private hands, most books on conservation and maintenance have been written for professional curators and museum staff members. This handy and eminently readable volume is the first comprehensive, practical care guide aimed at the average person. 118 illustrations, 50 in full color.

The Basics of Buying Art by Cindi R. Maciolek – Paperback: 175 pages; Grand Arbor Press; 1st edition (Oct 1995)

This book offers beginners the simple and honest A, B, C's of developing a collection of contemporary art. With integrity and insight, it answers many questions about the often mysterious world of art as well as the business of art. In simple to read language, it arms readers with the right knowledge to avoid the pitfalls, while maintaining an enthusiasm that viewing and acquiring art have to offer.

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