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Pastel Painting Atelier: Essential Lessons in Techniques, Practices, and Materials by Ellen Eagle – Hardcover: 192 pages; Watson-Guptill (Apr 23, 2013) Best Seller

Revel in the luminous and vibrant qualities of pastel with Ellen Eagle’s essential course in the history, techniques, and practices of the medium. In this comprehensive yet intimate guide, Eagle explores pastel’s rich but relatively unexamined past, reveals her own personal influences and approaches, and guides you toward the discovery and mastery of your own vision.

Painting Children's Portraits in Pastel by Wende Caporale – Hardcover: 128 pages; International Artist Publishing (Oct 2001) (Wende is the wife of Daniel E. Greene). Best Seller

Reader review: I purchased this book last fall and was blown away by the remarkable works of Ms Capole. In January of 2004 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend her first portrait workshop. There I was able to view several of the origional paintings in person and can say that the color quality of the book's photos are true to life. The instructions are presented in an organized, concise manner along with corrosponding step by step photos. If you cannot attend one of Wende's workshops, this book is your second best option!

Painting Beautiful Skin Tones With Color & Light in Oil, Pastel and Watercolor by Chris Saper – Hardcover: 127 pages; North Light Books (Aug 2001)

Written by Stroke of Genius artist Chris Saper. Artists constantly tell us that they need guidance for rendering skin tones in their portraiture. This book helps them overcome this elusive challenge by providing a clear set of easy-to-follow principles for painting a variety of skin tones in three major mediums--oil, pastel and watercolor. The first chapter is rooted in the basics, showing artists how to recognize and use the five major elements of painting: drawing, value, color, composition and edges. From there, artists learn how to work with light, shadow and color to effectively capture the beautiful skin tones of various ethnic groups, including Caucasian, Asian, African-American and Hispanic. Next, artists discover how to execute the principles learned, using detailed instruction for color selection, mixing and application. Four mini-demos, three long demos and many examples illustrate the lessons. Artists will benefit from advice on shooting and choosing photographs to paint, how to edit their compositions and work past their limitations.

How to Paint Portraits in Pastel by Joe Singer – Hardcover: 175 pages; 20 full-color plates, over 75 black and white illustrations Watson-Guptill (Nov 1972)

From dust jacket: Pastel has been a favorite medium for painting portraits for four centuries. This comprehensive book shows the portrait painter of today—both amateur and professional - how to exploit the vital color, varied textures, and spontaneous handling that make pastel an ideal medium for portraiture.

How to Paint Portraits in Pastel offers technical advice reinforced by fine examples of pastel portraits in color by such masters as Mary Cassatt, William Merritt Chase, and Henri Fantin-Latour, as well as by such noted contemporary artists as Robert Brackman, Harvey Dinnerstein, Albert Handell, Joe Hing Lowe, and others. The reader watches four outstanding painters at work in step-by-step demonstrations: Daniel Greene, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Aaron Shikler, and Burt Silverman.

The Art of Pastel Portraiture by Madlyn-Ann C. Woolwich – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill, 1996

Noted pastelist Madlyn-Ann Woolwich has called on a group of outstanding artists to demonstrate the important elements that go into creating successful portraits in pastel. Some of the elements covered are materials, techniques, composition, lighting, conveying emotion and character, backgrounds, multiple-figure portraits. It concludes with a thought-provoking chapter in which six of the artists, following the same assignment directions, produce beautiful, uniquely personal pastel paintings of a female figure. Throughout the book, luminous pastel portraits illustrate an amazing range of styles, techniques, and approaches.

Portraits in pastel by Leslie B DeMille – Paperback: 80 pages; MVH; 1st edition (1981)

The Art of Drawing & Painting Portraits by Tim Chambers, Ken Goldman, Peggi Habets, Lance Richlin – Paperback: 144 pages; Walter Foster Publishing; 1st edition (Sep 1, 2012) Best Seller

With instructions and step-by-step projects for creating an array of portaits, this all-inclusive book covers everything about portraiture in the most popular drawing and painting media. Ideal for beginning artists who would like to experiment with different media, The Art of Drawing & Painting Portraits teaches the artist how to create beautiful and realistic portraits in pencil, pastel, watercolor, oil, and acrylic.

How to Paint Figures in Pastel by Joe Singer – Hardcover: 167 pages; Watson-Guptill Publications; 1st edition (1976) Best Seller

In this companion volume to How to Paint Portraits in Pastel, the author gives the reader everything he or she needs to know to paint both the nude and the clothed figure in pastel.

Painting Expressive Pastel Portraits by Paul Leveille – Hardcover: 128 pages; North Light Books (Sep 1998) Best Seller

Perhaps the most successful portrait artist in New England, Leveille receives international commissions and is a much-sought-after teacher. In eight lessons, he takes the pastel enthusiast from sketches through final touches, with expert attention to each of the face's many problematic features. His models include a variety of ages, complexions, hair colors, and expressions, but the book doesn't attempt to cover all variations. James Horton's How To Paint Skin Tones (LJ 3/15/96) is an almost indispensable companion to this and other portraiture books. Leveille has produced the best pastel portrait book to date, one that manages to work for both the beginning and advanced artist. Highly recommended for all collections. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Capturing Personality in Pastel by Dennis Frost – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill; Reprint edition (Aug 1986) Best Seller

Reader review: This book is inspirational, educational, informative, and funny. Any artist wishing to capture the essence of personality in a portrait will be truly enthusiastic to have this book on their shelf for reading and reference.

Pastel by Daniel E. Greene, Joe Singer (Editor) – Paperback: 160 pages; Watson-Guptill; 1st edition (Sep 1, 1985)

Portraits: Lessons & Exercises to Develop Your Painting & Drawing Technique (Seeing Things Simply) by Rosalind Cuthbert – Hardcover: 64 pages; Book Sales (Mar 1994)

Portrait painting - the art of capturing a subject's likeness - is not just a matter of getting the features right. You also need to convey elements of personality and mood, and this skill requires plenty of patience and practice. Portraits provides the tools to help you improve your portraiture techniques. Beginning with the basics - how to observe the head and shoulders and the individual features of the face from all angles —it also describes the differences between babies' faces and those of older children and fully grown adults. Further information is given on building up form, dealing with aspects like hair, eyeglasses, makeup and skin tones, achieving facial expressions, and using color and lighting to reflect a particular mood. Head and shoulders portraits are covered, as well as full figure portraits and groups. The book concludes with a complete step-by-step portrait demonstration. Throughout, the emphasis of this concise new guide is on practical advice, plus exercise: to enable you to improve your powers of observation and build up your technique, whatever medium you choose to work in. 64 pages.

Pastel: Portraits by Ken Goldman – Paperback; Walter Foster (Dec 17, 2002)

Portraits in Pastel by Dennis Frost – Paperback: 32 pages; Writers Digest Books (May 1, 1981)

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