Contemporaries: Other Top Painters
Painting the Visual Impression by Richard Whitney – Paperback: 106 pages; Great Life Press; 2nd edition (2015)

This full color book is a summary of the fundamental ideas of representational painting that artists use to help paint light and shadow or the look of nature. --To help the working painter logically solve problems. Written in a concise manner so they can be easily memorized.

Then and Now: The Butler Insititute of American Art - Sep 28 - Nov 30, 2014 by Sherrie McGraw – Hardcover; Bright Light Fine Art (2014)

The 128-page book Sherrie McGraw: Then & Now chronicles the artist's journey as she prepared for her retrospective at the Butler Institute.

Self-Portraits by David A. Leffel – Hardcover: 160 pages; Bright Light Publishing (Oct 2009)

Throughout his extensive career as a painter, David A. Leffel has approached every aspect of the trade with masterly conviction—still life, portraits, the nude, landscapes—although in his own terms, “Every painting is a self-portrait,” it is within the self-inquiry of these paintings that the fundamentals of his art are best described.

A Collection of Portraits by Portrait Brokers of America – Hardcover: 88 pages; Whitesands Publishing, LLC (May 2004)

From the Publisher: A Collection of Portraits features 47 artists who show their immeasurable talent and skill that each artist uses to capture the likeness of their subject. You will be delighted with beautiful portraits in a full range of styles and mediums from many of the nation's top portrait artists.

Note: Portrait Brokers of America is one of the top portrait agencies in the country. This book will feature artists that they represent.

Painting Childrens Portraits in Pastel by Wende Caporale – Hardcover: 128 pages; International Artist Publishing (Oct 2001) (Wende is the wife of Daniel E. Greene). Best Seller

Reader review: I purchased this book last fall and was blown away by the remarkable works of Ms Capole. In January of 2004 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend her first portrait workshop. There I was able to view several of the origional paintings in person and can say that the color quality of the book's photos are true to life. The instructions are presented in an organized, concise manner along with corrosponding step by step photos. If you cannot attend one of Wende's workshops, this book is your second best option!

The Best of Portrait Painting by Rachel Wolf (Editor) – Hardcover: 144 pages; North Light Books; 1st edition (Feb 1, 1998)

Artists on this site featured are Margaret Carter Baumgaertner, Chris Saper.

An Artist Teaches: Reflections on the Art of Painting by David A Leffel, NYC Ira Goldberg – Director of the Art Students League (Introduction), Sherrie McGraw / Gregg Kreutz (Foreword) – Paperback: 150 pages; Bright Light Publishing; 1st edition (May 5, 2015)

Here, arguably, is the first book to clearly explain the fundamentals of the art and craft of painting. Written to be approached by students and professionals alike. These pages contain a revolutionary yet simple approach to learning to paint. The text if wonderfully complemented by over 140 full-color reproductions with key details enlarged to show the master's work.

How I Paint: Secrets of a Sunday Painter by Thomas S. Buechner – Hardcover: 127 pages; Harry N. Abrams (Jun 1, 2000)

Note: I've spoken with Thomas Buechner and this is the correct book cover despite the image shown by Amazon.

Thomas S. Buechner is an accomplished artist who has painted some 2,500 pictures in his long career, some of which are in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian's National Museum of American Art. For How I Paint: Secrets of a Sunday Painter, he selected 50 works that he uses to illustrate what, why, and how he paints. The book explores not only how paintings can be better appreciated and enjoyed (Buechner is also the former director of the Brooklyn Museum and the Corning Museum of Glass), it also reveals the working insights that go into making a painting vital. Buechner outlines traditional methods of composition that many art schools no longer teach today. Though capable of composing majestic, calm landscapes and still lives of such exactitude and feeling that even a lowly red onion seems poised to address the viewer, Buechner excels in portraiture. He tends to place his sitters in dark, empty space, explaining, "We are, each of us, quite alone, and that's what I try to paint." This is a book about technique, practice, and the timeless fundamentals of the creative process from the perspective of a mature artist whose works reflect the luminescent lessons of the old masters. —Mary Ribesky

The Norman Rockwell Treasury by Thomas S. Buechner – Hardcover: 216 pages; Galahad; Reissue edition (Sep 28, 2004)

Norman Rockwell’s works have always enchanted America with their clear-eyed and humorous picture of life in the country’s heartland: here are the very best of them, from the Saturday Evening Post covers to The Four Freedoms, a series of paintings done during World War II. Every image still exudes its fresh charm, unsullied by sentimentality: Santa, napping as the elves scurry about him and finish Christmas preparations; Grandma placing a large Thanksgiving turkey on the table, surrounded by her smiling family; a mother, stepping out of a slightly run-down apartment building with arms joyfully outstretched to greet her son, newly returned from the war. From the deeply personal to the political—a black child being led to school by US Marshals in the early days of integration—every piece retains its fascination. Thomas S. Buechner, a distinguished former director of the Brooklyn Museum, examines Rockwell’s style, technique, and development, placing him in perspective as an important force in 20th-century art.

Norman Rockwell by Thomas S. Buechner – Hardcover: 328 pages; Harry N. Abrams; New Edition (Sep 1, 1996)

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