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Foundations of Classical Oil Painting by Lea Wight – Paperback: 144 pages; North Light Books (Sep 25, 2018)

Professional painting instructor Lea Colie Wight demystifies the formulaic process of oil painting into a simple approach to help you paint confidently and accurately in full color. Develop a core foundational skill set to develop your paintings and discover a signature way of working from life that can be applied to figure painting, portraits, landscapes and still life.

Painting in Oil by William Palluth – Paperback: 64 pages; Walter Foster Publishing (Jan 1, 1984) Best Seller

Nothing beats the richness and versatility of painting with the time-honored medium used by the Old Masters—it simply has no comparison! Oil paints, which dry slowly, allow ample time to layer and blend complex, deep colors that retain their vibrancy when fully dried. Now you too can capture the beauty of nature and create gorgeous landscapes in the magical medium of oil

Alla Prima: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Direct Painting by Al Gury – Hardcover: 160 pages; Watson-Guptill; 1st edition (Jan 6, 2009) Best Seller

A practical and comprehensive guide to direct painting (characterised by bold, expressive brushwork and a painterly, atmospheric surface), particularly as it is expressed though the work of the author's mentor, Arthur DeCosta, the legendary master teacher. The book covers the history of the direct methods in both Europe and America.

The Oil Painting Course You've Always Wanted: Guided Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Artists by Kathleen Lochen Staiger – Paperback: 176 pages; Watson-Guptill (Jul 1, 2006) Best Seller

Everything you always wanted to know about oil painting...but were afraid to ask. Or maybe you weren’t afraid—maybe you just didn’t know what to ask or where to start. In The Oil Painting Course You’ve Always Wanted, author Kathleen Staiger presents crystal clear, step-by-step lessons that build to reinforce learning.

How to Paint Like the Impressionists by Susie Hodge – Paperback: 144 pages; Harper Design; New edition (Aug 17, 2004)

Impressionism has captured the imagination of people the world over since its first exhibition in Paris in 1874. People have long sought to understand how and why the Impressionists created their paintings and how their techniques might be replicated. Susie Hodge reveals the answers to these questions by assessing the techniques and styles of the great masters of Impressionism and showing how artists today can use their methods.

Problem Solving for Oil Painters by Gregg Kreutz – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill, 1997 Best Seller

Reader review:I stumbled on this book by accident in an art store library. Upon browsing through it, I realized that I was looking at something very different than the bulk of "art instruction" books available. The author is exceptionally knowledgable about the medium of oils, as well as surfaces on which to paint, but most importantly, he shows many color photos of "bad" paintings and how to correct them. He discusses, composition, lighting, unifying color, shadow color,etc. It is an education in itself. An outstanding work.

Oil Painting Secrets from a Master by Linda Brandi Cateura, with David Leffel – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill (Sep 1, 1995) Best Seller

The insights, philosophy, painting hints, and general comments of David A. Leffel, a popular instructor at the Art Students League in New York.

Painting the Impressionist Landscape: Lessons in Interpreting Light and Color by Lois Griffel – Hardcover: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill (May 1994) Best Seller

Reader review: I am always looking for oil painting books that will help to develop my skill level. I have been so disappointed in the past. This book is extraordinary. The author gets down to complete basics to really teach someone the fundamentals of painting in the Impressionist style. There are a series of exercises in the book where you learn to paint simple colored blocks. The rationale for this process is that you need to start with very simple shapes and master the color on those before you move to complex landscapes and such. The exercises seem a bit tedious, but I followed along with the book, and was amazed at how much I learned.

Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting by John F. Carlson – Paperback: 144 pages; Dover Publications; New edition (Jun 1, 1973) Best Seller

The whys and hows of the various aspects of landscape painting: angles and consequent values, aerial and linear perspective, painting of trees, emotional properties of line and mass in composition, light, unity of tone, plus information on canvas, palette, brushes and other materials and techniques. 34 reproductions of paintings by John Carlson. 58 explanatory diagrams.

Painting the Visual Impression by Richard Whitney – Paperback: 106 pages; Great Life Press; 2nd edition (2015)

This full color book is a summary of the fundamental ideas of representational painting that artists use to help paint light and shadow or the look of nature. --To help the working painter logically solve problems. Written in a concise manner so they can be easily memorized.

Brushwork Essentials: How to Render Expressive Form and Texture With Every Stroke by Mark Christopher Weber – Hardcover: 143 pages; North Light Books (May 2002)

This unique book deals exclusively with oil brushwork. Painters learn how to render expressive form and texture using the myriad shapes and types of brushes available. Mixing and loading paint, cleaning and shaping brushes for maximum control, and picking the right paint for specific types of strokes are all covered. As Weber writes, the book's purpose is to show "how to use your brushes to make that rascally oil paint do your bidding." Weber uses his own award-winning, highly refined paintings to illustrate the book. Recommended for large collections. —Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Harley Brown's Eternal Truths for Every Artist by Harley Brown, Lewis Barrett Lehrman – Hardcover: 144 pages; International Artist Publishing (Mar 2001)

Harley Brown offers artists his "truths" for painting success—the stuff he hopes they teach in art school. A well-established artist, Brown has gained a large following with his frank, no-nonsense approach to teaching art.

The 5 Essentials in Every Powerful Painting by Ramon Kelley – Hardcover: 128 pages; International Artist Publishing (Sep 2001)

Over five main chapters, Ramon demonstrates in oil and pastel the 5 essential concepts that, when used effectively, result in powerful, unique paintings.

Paint the Sea in Oils Using Special Effects by E. John Robinson – Paperback: 128 pages; International Artist Publishing (Aug 2000)

Painting Seascapes in Oils (Easy Painting and Drawing) by Miquel Ferron (Illustrator), Parramon Ediciones editor – Paperback (Feb 1996) Barrons Educational Series

Oil Painting for the Serious Beginner: Basic Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter by Steve Allrich – Paperback: 144 pages; Watson-Guptill (Jul 1996)

Capturing Light in Oils by Paul Strisik – Hardcover: 135 pages; North Light Books, 1995

The publisher: Writing in a conversational style, Strisik explains techniques that he has perfected over 50 years of work. This colorful and factual guide will be helpful for beginning painters; browsers will enjoy the 150 color illustrations of impressionist landscapes.

Oil Painting Essentials: Mastering Portraits, Figures, Still Lifes, Landscapes, and Interiors by Gregg Kreutz – Paperback: 160 pages; Watson-Guptill; 1st edition (May 24, 2016) Best Seller

Many painters limit themselves to one type of subject matter, but in Oil Painting Essentials, artist and art instructor Gregg Kreutz shows how a multi-genre approach can dramatically improve your painting skills.

The Big Book of Painting Nature in Oil by S. Allyn Schaeffer, John Shaw (Photographer) – Paperback: 399 pages; Watson-Guptill (Apr 1991) Best Seller

The Complete Oil Painter: The Essential Reference for Beginners to Professionals by Brian Gorst – Paperback: 128 pages; Watson-Guptill; (Jan 1, 2004) Best Seller

Oils are perhaps the most versatile of all paint mediums. Yet for many artists oil painting is either shrouded in mystique or considered very difficult. Filled with clear, step-by-step instructions and surefire strategies, The Complete Oil Painter is an essential, one-stop guide to becoming an expert in every aspect of this medium.

Oil Painting Techniques and Materials by Harold Speed – Paperback: 280 pages; Dover Publications (Feb 1988) Best Seller

Reader review: This book is a treasure. I have checked it out of the library several times already and now have finally decided to buy it. I have yet to find a better guide to traditonal painting techniques. In a world of modern techniques based on 20th century aesthetics, this is the book for those of us who follow a different path. If you want to paint like Velasquez, Titian, or Nerdrum, this is the place to start.

Romantic Oil Painting Made Easy by Robert Hagan – Paperback: 96 pages; International Artist Publishing; New edition (Nov 2003) Best Seller

Romantic Oil Painting Made Easy reveals Robert Hagan's techniques for creating romantic oil paintings the easy way. Hagan shows, step-by-step, how to use reference photographs and sketches to help assemble different elements to form a completely new setting, how to manipulate these elements to compose enchanting paintings using simple-to-understand "placement theory". Following the instructions in Romantic Oil Painting Made Easy can enable any painter to create stunning backgrounds, place the first figure in a carefully chosen spot serving as the "command post" from which to "key" all other elements of the painting. The basic nuts and bolts of making a painting are described, along with how to work with the tow "mother colors". There are eight sensational start-to-finish demonstrations that are easily followed and emulated by the reader. The exercises require only "Hagan's Basic Palette" and a few simple tools. Color palette, reference photographs, sample sketches, and helpful instructions are given for each set piece. Romantic Oil Painting Made Easy demystifies the oil painting process, enhancing the painting experience for the reader.

Fill Your Oil Paintings With Light & Color by Kevin D. MacPherson – Paperback: 144 pages; North Light Books (Mar 2000) Best Seller

Reader review: A book full of examples of great paintings by Kevin MacPherson, he keeps the principles of good painting simple. I keep going back to it as my eye becomes more discerning of subtleties in my subject matter and as I gain more skill in the application of oil paint.

Painting Better Landscapes: Specific Ways to Improve Your Oils by Margaret Kessler – Paperback: 160 pages; Watson-Guptill; Reprint edition (Mar 1, 1992) Best Seller

This innovative book includes advice on solving problems, conveying mood, focusing attention, arranging subjects, and making corrections.

Oil Painting Step-by-Step by Noel Gregory, James Horton, Michael Sanders, Roy Lang – Paperback: 160 pages; Search Press (Nov 2, 2011) Best Seller

This is a practical and comprehensive guide for all oil painting enthusiasts, from the beginner to the experienced artist. Starting with advice on materials, painting from photographs, colour and composition, it goes on to describe basic and more advanced techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry, scumbling, dry brush, sgraffito, impasto and glazing and the wonderful effects they can produce.

The Oil Painter''s Pocket Palette by Rosalind Cuthbert – Hardcover: 64 pages; North Light Books; 1st American spiral edition (Aug 1, 1993) Best Seller

A Manual of Oil Painting by John Collier – Paperback: 124 pages; Lulu.com (Aug 21, 2006)

This republication of the third edition (1889) of John Collier's classic text offers a fascinating and informative glimpse into the academic oil painting tradition of the late nineteenth century. Includes instructions for painting from life using the "sight-size" method, advice on choosing the proper paints and mediums, as well as in-depth discussions of subject matter, color theory, and the comparative advantages of direct versus indirect painting. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the revival of traditional oil painting techniques.

An Artist Teaches: Reflections on the Art of Painting by David A Leffel, NYC Ira Goldberg – Director of the Art Students League (Introduction), Sherrie McGraw / Gregg Kreutz (Foreword) – Hardcover: 145 pages; Bright Light Publishing; 3rd edition (Sep 30, 2008)

Here, arguably, is the first book to clearly explain the fundamentals of the art and craft of painting. Written to be approached by students and professionals alike. These pages contain a revolutionary yet simple approach to learning to paint. The text if wonderfully complemented by over 140 full-color reproductions with key details enlarged to show the master's work.

A Proven Strategy for Creating Great Art by Dan McCaw – Hardcover: 128 pages; International Artist Publishing (Dec 1, 2002)

Energize Your Paintings With Color by Lewis Barrett Lehrman – Hardcover: 131 pages; North Light Books (Oct 1993)

An Introduction To Oil Painting by Ray Smith – Paperback: 72 pages; DK Pub Merchandise; 1st paperback edition (May 1998)

All About Techniques in Oil (All About Techniques) by Parramon's Editorial Team (Editor) – Hardcover: 144 pages; Barrons Educational Series (Oct 1997)

The Encyclopedia of Oil Painting Techniques by Jeremy Galton – Paperback: 176 pages; Running Press (Apr 1997)

A Light Touch: Successful Painting in Oils by David Curtis – Paperback: 128 pages; (Mar 1997) David & Charles Uk

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