Anders Zorn – Swedish 1860-1920

Anders Leonard Zorn
Self Portrait, 1889
The son of a brewer, Anders Leonard Zorn was born near Mora in Sweden in 1860 and showed some incredible artistic talent at a very young age.

He started to produce animal sculptures in wood which he used to paint with grape or strawberry juice and worked at 15 as a carpenter after the death of his father. In 1875, some brewers enabled him to join the Academy of Stockholm and Anders started to study sculpture before producing some watercolours.

Zorn left the Academy in 1881 and left for Spain when he produced many watercolours. The following year he was in London and stayed there until 1884 after exhibiting his works at the Royal Academy and at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water-colour.

Zorn went afterwards to Lisbon and Madrid where he painted the portraits of several members of the Portuguese and Spanish aristocracies. He returned to Stockholm in 1885 and married Miss Emma Lamm with whom he went on a honeymoon in Hungary and Turkey where he fell seriously ill.

Remaining in Sweden, he made frequent trips to Spain, North Africa and England. He exhibited a painting, « Fisherman in Saint-Ypres», at the Paris Salon of 1888 and the portraits of the ballet dancer Rosita Mauri and the writer Antonin Proust, which earned him some considerable success. In 1890 he was asked to paint his portrait by the Museum of Florence and produced many interesting works during the following fifteen years.

Anders Leonard ZornZorn also continued to work as a sculptor while he met some extraordinary success during a trip to the U.S in 1892. The Swedish artist painted over 60 portraits during his six visits to the U.S and was much acclaimed at the 1900 Paris Universal Exhibition during which he was awarded the French Legion of Honour.

Zorn, who had a flat in Paris between 1888 and 1896, showed much interest in the works of Degas, Renoir and Rodin who became his friend. Back in Sweden he collected many works of art and notably produced many paintings of nude female peasants and scenes showing women in their national costumes.

He also worked in Stockholm and produced many portraits there and visited Paris again in 1906. His best paintings, now much in demand throughout the world, are in fact his exquisite realistic nudes. He died in Mora in August 1920.

Note: It's difficult to find books on the wonderful Swedish artist Anders Zorn. However, I've discovered the Swedish Zorn Museum online where they offer more Zorn books than anywhere else. Unfortunately, most are not in English. Most of the links to the books below take you directly to the Zorn Museum shop.

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Anders Zorn: Sweden's Master Painter by Johan Cederlund (Author), Hans Hendrik Brummer (Author), Per Hedstrom (Author), James A. Ganz (Author), The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (Contributor) - Hardcover: 224 pages; Publisher: Skira Rizzoli (October 29, 2013) Best Seller

Accompanying a major retrospective of Anders Zorn’s work, this is the first volume in English to explore the Swedish Impressionist’s entire career in depth. Anders Zorn (1860–1920) is one of Sweden’s most accomplished and beloved artists. Renowned for his light, expressive watercolors, he attained mastery of the genre at an early age and later applied his techniques to oil painting.

Anders Zorn by Hans Henrik Brummer - Hardcover: 341 pages; Publisher: Norstedts (1994)

Anders Zorn; His Life and Work by Karl Asplund - Paperback: 30 pages; Publisher: (September 12, 2013)

Anders Zorn by Herausgegeben von Jens Christian Jensen (Author), Anders Zorn (Painter) - Hardcover: 237 pages Publisher: Prestel-Verlag (1990) Language: German

Paintings, watercolors, drawings, etchings

Anders Zorn 1860-1920: An Introduction to His Life and Achievements by Birgitta Sandström – 1996, 40 pages, ill. 21 colour, 9 b/w, 24 x 17 cm soft cover

Language: English
Can also be ordered at the Zorn Museum in Sweden.

Anders Zorn A European Artist Seduces America by Oliver Tostmann -Paperback: 176 pages; Publisher: Paul Holberton Publishing (January 2013)

The catalogue features fifty of Zorn's works, such as Omnibus I, for which Zorn won a prize at the 1892 Salon in Paris, and Ice Skater (1898), which has never before left Sweden, combining for the first time major pieces from American collections with those of Europe, such as Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence; the National museum, Stockholm; Zornmuseet, Mora; and Goteborgs Konstmuseum, Gothenberg.

Anders Zorn's painting Love Nymph by Birgitta Sandström – 2005, 48 p, 48 colour, 3 b/w ill., 24 x 17 cm

Language: Swedish

Anders Zorn – Watercolours by
Hans Henrik Brummer, Birgitta Sandström, Bera Nordahl – Exhibition catalogue from Nordiska Akvarellmuseet 2004, 158 p, 61 colour, 3 b/w ill., 26 x 24 cm hardcover

Language: Swedish and English

Anders Zorn – Eine Künstlerkarriere in Deutschland by Cecilia Lengefeld – 2004, 360 p, 16 colour, 96 b/w ill., 25 x 17 cm hardcover

Language: German

The Etchings of Anders Zorn from the Collection of the Springfield Art Museum by Greg G. Thielen – Published by Springfield Art Museum, 1979

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