Media: Art Magazines
Watercolor Artist
Publisher: F&W Publications

The definitive source of how-to instruction and creative inspiration for artists working in water-based media. Packed with page after gorgeous page of illustrations demonstrating tried-and-true techniques, inspirational ideas and the most up-to-date information about must-have painting tools and materials, watercolorists find everything they need in WATERCOLOR ARTIST to help them create stunning art...from start to finish. Each bi-monthly issue also includes special reports on timely topics in the art world as well as easy-to-apply tips from the foremost experts in the field.

American Art Collector
Publisher: International Artist Publication Inc.

American Art Collector keeps you informed of what is happening in the art market each month. Enjoy previews of mainstream artists' upcoming shows at galleries coast to coast as well as authoritative columns by art appraisers, gallery owners, museum curators, art consultants and more.

Antiques & Fine Art
Publisher: Pure Imaging, Inc.

Antiques & Fine Art Magazine is the leading magazine for the sophisticated antiques and fine art audience. Unsurpassed in quality and recognized as the new "magazine of record" for those interested in antiques and fine art through the 20th century, no other magazine combines exclusive features on collectors’ homes, historic resorts, noteworthy sales, market trends, and investing, with educational articles and highlights. All with the largest advertising base of America’s leading galleries, dealers, and auction houses.

The Artists' Magazine
Publisher: F&W Publications

The Artist's Magazine is the world's leading magazine for serious, active artists. Each issue has expert advice for working in watercolor, oil, acrylics, pastels, gouache, pen and ink, and every other imaginable medium. Plus, endless inspiration, up-to-date marketing information, and more.

Art in America
Publisher: Brant Publications

Art in America is dedicated to artists, dealers, and aesthetes who want the latest news from the art world. Topics covered in the monthly magazine include show reviews, event schedules, profiles of artists and genres, and updates on literature and materials.

The Pastel Journal
Publisher: F&W Publications

Covers topics of interest to working pastelist as well as those who work in pastel as an additional medium along with those who are just experimenting with the medium.

Fine Art Connoisseur
Publisher: Streamline Media

Fine Art Connoisseur engages enthusiasts and fine-art collectors with in-depth editorial that builds upon the breadth of information offered by the world's most important art authorities. Each year, the 6 issues focus on premium global artworks, including important American, Russian, and European.

International Artist
Publisher: Australian Artist

If you are a member of the Portrait Society of America, you get this magazine for free! Includes "Art of the Portrait" section every issue, which showcases happenings with the Portrait Society of America.

In each 164 page bi-monthly issue of International Artist magazine you visit inside the studios of the world's best artists. They tell you the thought processes behind their creative methods and reveal their painting techniques. For beginners, intermediate & professionals as well.

American Fine Art
Publisher: International Artist Publ Inc.

Unlike other fine art magazines, American Fine Art Magazine is unique in that it previews upcoming sales and auctions of historic American art before they take place rather than review them after the show is over. The magazine is published by International Artist Publishing whose titles American Art Collector and Western Art Collector have become the art collectors' "bibles" for their respective genres.

American Art Review

Magazine subscriptions are not available on, but this magazine is too good to omit. The link goes to their web site where you can subscribe. You can find some single back-issues on Amazon and at

Founded and edited by Thomas R. Kellaway who published the magazine from September 1973 until November 1978. In the summer of 1992 he revived the magazine, which is published to this day.

American Art Review concentrates on American art from the colonial era until the early 1970s. It focuses especially on exhibitions of figurative art in regional museums. The content is generally divided between scholarly articles on artists and advertisements from galleries.

Southwest Art
Publisher: Brant Publications

Covers the representational art market west of the Mississippi River. Readers meet the artist and learn about their work through illustrated interviews with contemporary painters and sculptor, as well as essays on historic artists. It delivers coverage of markets and events in the Southwest, Rocky Mountains and West Coast. This is the only regionally specific art magazine available.

Professional Artist
Publisher: Turnstile Publictions

Professional Artist is the industry s foremost business magazine for visual artists. Founded in 1986, Professional Artist acts as a beacon to guide artists on their journey toward making a living with their art.

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